January 4, 2011

Preparing Your House for the Market

If you're selling your home, make sure your home has "curb appeal." Remember, you can't change a first impression. If your home looks like a diamond in the rough, think about putting a small investment into cleaning up the outward appearance.

Imagine that you are seeing the property as a potential buyer. You'll want to do a little yard work - clear away dead shrubbery, and trim your trees and lawn. Weed the flower beds or plant some flowers that will bloom in season. Make sure the driveway is not stained, and if you can't afford to paint the home entirely, at least make sure the front door and immediate entryway is immaculate.

Fresh and clean are still the keywords to making a good first impression once the potential buyer walks through the door. Unless a particular window is facing an eyesore or a neighboring building, open the drapes and let the sunshine in! Put your dog in the back yard or garage so he's not jumping on the new people who just walked in.... they might have allergies! There is much you can do to improve the look of your home, without investing a great deal of money.

Call me to get a copy of my pamphlet, "33 Ways to Sell Your Home Fast." I'd be happy to share more tips with you and assist you in obtaining financing for your next home as well.