November 15, 2010

Change is Good

It was a great weekend with good friends, great kids, and some fall fresh air. The fall season is the best in my opinion simply because you see the changes every day. Fall is a process with a destination, a purpose and an outcome; these are things I can relate to.

Although I believe there is a grey area in many aspects of our lives, I tend to prefer responsive processes. As with the fall season, I can see change every day in my line of work: customer’s needs change the interest rate changes, the market changes, the technology changes, the guidelines change, I could go on forever but the point is there is a process which inherently encompasses change forcing me to analyze from a new and different prospective each time.

When there is a process, which there is for most things in life, you have a choice; work hard with purpose to quickly arrive at a quality outcome or allow yourself to give little effort and drag your feet the whole way with no regard.  

I choose to work hard with the purpose of helping people live better lives, whether through analyzing customer’s credit, helping a first time home buyer make educated decisions, finding the best product for my customer or simply by helping people save their money.

It is very apropos that I work for a company called Embrace because that is what I strive to do with all aspects of my life; simply embrace the process of your life with a purpose, knowing your destination and influencing your outcome.

What motivates you and for what purpose? Until next time...take care.